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ISONEM C-HARDENER is a one part, preblended, coloured synthetic dry shake hardener for concrete comprising of cement, hard aggregates, compatible admixtures and pigment. It provides a hard wearing, non-metallic dry shake topping for monolithic floors. When sprinkled and trowelled into fresh wet concrete floors, it forms a coloured, very wear resistant smooth surface.
USING AREAS: ISONEM C-HARDENER is used to increase the resistance on the light or medium density trafficable places and to prevent the surface dust. Factories. Textile plants Automobile Park areas Warehouses Shipment and discharge places Repair and garage places At supermarkets, parks At places with dense pedestrian traffic.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: The resistance of the surface where ISONEM C-HARDERNER is used increases 2-4 times when compared to normal concrete. Very high wear resistance rating Good impact resistance Dust prof Prevents the concrete to produce dust and can easily be cleaned As a result of low water /cement rate on the concrete surface, its pressure resistance is high. It is resistant to industrial surface cleaners, motor oil, metal oils and detergents. It can be applied to inner or outer
places. It is possible to obtain textured (pressed concrete) surface with various application methods.


TECHNICAL DATA: •Chemical Base: Blend of natural and synthetic aggregates mixed with cement, admixtures and pigments. •Density: ~2.0 ± 0.1 kg/l (bulk
2 2 density) •Layer Thickness: ~ 2.5 to 3.0 mm at the recommended coverage of ~ 5.0 kg/m •Pressure resistance: 70-80 N/mm •Agrega Hardness: 6-7 Mohs scale 2 2 Crush resistance: 40-50 % weight loss (2000 roar) •Consumption: 3-8 kg/m (for colour applications min. 5 kg/m ) •Colour: Concrete grey, red, green

SYSTEM INFORMATION: •Substrate: Fresh concrete slab (See Substrate Quality below) Dryshake: Manual or machine application of ISONEM C–HARDENER
•Levelling of surface by means of power trowel or laser screed.• Final smoothing with power trowel. Curing compound: Application of ISONEM DS

SUBSTRATE QUALITY: The concrete deliveries must be of consistent quality. A concrete slump in the range 75 to 110 mm will normally give best results. The slab must be of good quality concrete with a minimum water/cement ratio consistent with the production of a fully compacted slab. The compressive strength must be a 2 minimum of 25 N/mm .

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Mechanical Application: Automatic spreader in conjunction with a laser screed: ISONEM C–HARDENER evenly onto the concrete
2 immediately after screeding at 5 kg/m in one application. 2) Manual application: Dependent on the conditions, remove the surface “bleed” water or allow it to 2 2 evaporate. Sprinkle ISONEM C-HARDENER onto the screeded concrete evenly in 2 stages (first stage: 3 kg/m ; second stage: 2 kg/m ). Care must be taken to apply the 2 product without creating ripples etc. in the concrete surface. Overall application rate 5 kg/m . Casting ISONEM C-HARDENER powder carelessly or further than 2
metres from point of casting will reduce the consistency of finish.

COMPACTION: The first application must be worked into the slab followed immediately by application of the second stage quantity of ISONEM C-HARDENER.

APPLICATION TIME: Application time for dryshake products is influenced by every variable which affects the placing of concrete, and can therefore vary substantially, depending on the prevailing conditions. For mechanical application with automatic spreader and laser screed, the spreading can start almost immediately after concrete has been levelled to allow for the hydration of the dryshake. Compaction with the trowel can start as soon as weight of the power trowels
is supported by the concrete. For manual application, the dryshake must be spread once the concrete can be stepped on, without leaving a print deeper than 3 - 5 mm. Periodical checking of the condition and development of the concrete will determine the correct time frame for each stage and sequence of application.

CURING DETAILS: Curing Treatment Cure and seal ISONEM C-HARDENER immediately after finishing using ISONEM DS. (Refer to separate Product Data Sheet). Apply by roller or spray. Disperse any excess pools using a roller.

JOINTS: After finishing operations and completing saw cuts, clean off any residual saw lubricant / slurry without delay. Joints can be filled with appropriate sealant in accordance with the floor design requirements.

Substrate temperature +10°C +20°C +30°C
Foot traffic ~ 18 hours ~ 12 hours ~ 8 hours
Fully serviceable ~ 10 days ~ 7 days ~ 5 days The above values are dependant upon the concrete reaching its design strength for serviceability and will be affected by changing ambient conditions, particularly temperature and relative humidity.

STORAGE: Store in a dry and protective place, shelf life is at least 12 months.

PACKAGE: 20 kg craft paper bags.

تاریخ: 1394/07/10      بازدید:1389
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